The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association has been a part of the fight against the Permian Highway Pipeline since we first heard about the project in October of 2018 ( We have been working to rally our communities across the Hill Country and disseminate scientific reports and concerns about the many threats that the Permian Highway Pipeline will pose to our ecologically sensitive region.
WVWA is disappointed by Judge Pitman’s ruling to deny the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and does not agree with the court’s interpretation of the irreparable harm analysis. Judge Pitman’s hands seemed somewhat tied by the issuance of the Biological Opinion of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the of the allowance by the Army Corp of Engineers use of a nationwide permit for all of the stream crossings along the proposed pipeline route.
WVWA encourages everyone to stand strong and support the two pending federal lawsuits regarding threats to endangered species and our aquifers. Landowners along the route have also filed a lawsuit claiming the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission jurisdictional authority should apply to the PHP and a full Environmental Impact Statement should be required. Additionally, the constitutional lawsuit filed last summer in Travis County District Court is under appeal and will continue moving forward through the legal system.
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