Ten days ago, a rezoning application by California-based Niagara Bottling to build a water bottling plant at Brooks City Base was fast-tracked for City Council approval by the Zoning Commission, but the deal is now dead.
The company’s rezoning application has been withdrawn and Mayor Ivy Taylor and City Council have signaled their rejection of the deal. Brooks City Base no longer is pursuing the tenant, two sources close to Brooks told the Rivard Report.
Council had pulled the item from its June 4 agenda, and apparently reached a decision to pass on the deal in its Thursday executive session last week. Several Council members expressed satisfaction with the outcome when contacted Sunday.
“The applicant withdrew or postponed its request, so as of now, it couldn’t come back until August, but the Council understands the community concerns and shares those concerns,” Mayor Taylor said Sunday. “We don’t think this is anything we want to pursue. For all intents and purposes, the deal is off the books.”   Read the full article from the Rivard Report