April 20, 2009

Hill Country Cruising

Spring in the Texas Hill Country is the perfect time for motorcycle enthusiasts to take to the open road and enjoy the wilflowers and bluebonnets in full bloom. “Hill Country Cruising”, a website dedicated to motorcycle riding in the Texas Hill Country is a terrific resource for information and links about wildflowers and scenic drives. View website

April 15, 2009

Green building and landscaping a growing local trend

About a dozen designers, architects and builders in the Oak Hill area participate in Austin Energy’s award-winning Green Building Program. They are answering a growing desire by home and office owners to have a building that works with the environment. A green building saves energy. It conserves water. It uses recycled and recyclable materials obtained from local sources. It is landscaped with native plants and trees. In short, a green building is friendly to its owners, its neighbors and the world. Read full Oak Hill Gazette article here.

April 14, 2009

Recent rains a boon for wildflowers, especially hardier, late bloomers

Good news for wildflowers and those who love them. Experts say because of recent rains and cooler-than-average temperatures, bluebonnets should bloom longer than expected, and flowers that bloom in late spring and summer should put on a nice show this year. Read full Austin American Statesman article here.

April 4, 2009

Tangible signs of wildflower campaign starting to bloom

Now is the time of year when our hillsides and roadsides fill with color, from the reds and yellows of Indian blankets to the pinks and whites of evening primroses. These spectacular shows are more than just beautiful. Wildflowers attract birds, bees and butterflies. They also help prevent soil erosion. And in landscapes, they require less fertilizer and water than nonnative plants. Read full Austin American Statesman article here.

April 1, 2009

Statesman’s wildflower campaign begins second round

Two highway intersections in Bastrop and Blanco counties and roadsides along MoPac Boulevard (Loop 1) near Far West Boulevard will be seeded with wildflowers this fall thanks to donations to the American-Statesman’s Lady Bird’s Legacy, a campaign to keep alive Mrs. Johnson’s dream of beautifying America. The five-year fundraiser, which kicked off in August on what would have been President Lyndon Johnson’s 100th birthday, will continue through 2012, when Mrs. Johnson would have turned 100. Today, Lady Bird’s Legacy begins its second round of fundraising. See full Austin American Statesman article here.

March 29, 2009

Prolonged Texas Drought Impacts Wildlife

Despite welcome rains in late March, much of Texas remains parched by prolonged drought of historic proportions, and wildlife die-offs of whooping cranes and deer have been reported. However, experts say native wildlife evolved to bounce back from drought, and a bigger issue is how human water use is changing the equation, and how drought underscores the need for water planning and conservation. Read full Austin American Statesman article here.

February 28, 2009

Austin joins backyard garden boom

Did you wake up this morning thinking about hoeing, digging and sowing seeds? Do you find yourself thinking about how to make your compost pile decompose faster? Are you counting the days until the recommended date for planting your precious tomato transplants? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. Your numbers are growing, according to recent polls, and you’re spending a lot more money on vegetable plants and gardening supplies. In Austin and across the country, vegetable gardens seem to be booming. The Natural Gardener in Oak Hill was abuzz this week with eager shoppers, including Diarmuid Mulvihill, 28, and Jenni Mulvihill, 35, recent transplants from Florida who were seeking plants and gardening advice. Read full Austin American Satesman article here.