The Blanco City Council soon will be asked to consider a complete revision of the city’s outdoor lighting ordinance. The revision, still in draft, will address perceived deficiencies in the city’s current ordinance that has been in effect since February 2006, when it was adopted as part of the Blanco’s Unified Development Code (UDC).
“The proposed revision addresses many of the ambiguities of the current ordinance and will ensure that our local outdoor lighting will no longer shine upward to pollute the night sky,” Wayne Gosnell, local night sky preservation advocate. “It will also reduce dangerous glare and minimize light from fixtures on one property from intruding onto another person’s property.”
Night sky preservation has long been a priority for the citizens of Blanco. It was identified as a major community goal in a series of Visionaries in Preservation (VIP) Town Halls conducted in 2007, and subsequently became part of Blanco’s approved Historic Preservation Action Plan. Resolutions supporting night sky preservation have been adopted by the Blanco County Commissioners Court and the Board of Directors of the Pedernales Electric Cooperative… Read more from Hill Country Passport