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Water recycling system at new elementary school will cut use by 90%

The newest elementary school in Wimberley will be the most water-efficient school in the state, conservation groups and planners hope. The school, funded through 2018 bond money, will gather rainwater and air conditioning condensate to flush toilets; that wastewater will then be treated on-site and used to irrigate fields. Planners say the system will cut water use at the school by 90% and save the district as much as $1 million over the next 30 years. Students will see the…

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Letter To The Editor, Time To Get Past Denial And Start Finding Solutions

Letter to the Editor, Time to get past denial and start finding solutions

by Eva Silverfine Ott, Comal County Resident Letter to the Editor of the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung June 27, 2019 I want to applaud Chris Lykins for his editorial, “The Climate Change Conspiracy” (Herald-Zeitung, 6-16-19). The effects of greenhouse gases (82% of which is carbon dioxide; U.S. EPA 2017) have long been known. As Mr. Lykins points out, how we address the problem is open for debate, but the fundamental science is not. Doubt has been sowed by an industry and…

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Letter to the Editor, Face the challenge of growth

By Jeri Porter, Fischer, TX Letter to the Editor of the New Braunfels Herald-Zietung June 27, 2019 Comal County is at a crossroads.  We have options in the directions to take and your readers can help! The changes we see today in our landscape and wildlife are primarily a function of loss of habitat.  Comal County is in the crosshairs of developers and we all should recognize the reason—beautiful rolling hills, clean air, lots of clear flowing water, all because we do still…

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Ground Water Pumping Is Bleeding US’s Rivers Dry

Ground water pumping is bleeding US’s rivers dry

New research led by a hydrologist at the University of Arizona warns that massive groundwater pumping since the 1950s is bleeding rivers dry. The findings can help shape policy for the proper management of U.S. water resources, the authors say, and should be of interest especially for states such as Arizona that manage groundwater and surface water separately. “We’re trying to figure out how that groundwater depletion has actually reshaped our hydrologic landscape,” said first author Laura Condon, a University…

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Kinder Morgan Wins Texas Court Challenge, Removing Obstacle To $2 Billion Gas Pipeline

Kinder Morgan wins Texas court challenge, removing obstacle to $2 billion gas pipeline

Kinder Morgan can begin work on a $2 billion natural gas pipeline without having the Texas energy regulator approve its proposed route, a state judge ruled on Tuesday. The decision removes a challenge to the state’s licensing process that lets gas pipeline companies determine their own route and acquire land without a landowner’s consent. Texas is in the midst of a pipeline-construction boom with multibillion-dollar projects under way to bring shale oil and gas to market. A Travis County District…

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