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Proposed Sewage Treatment Plant Near Honey Creek Will Recycle Water, Consultant Says

Proposed sewage treatment plant near Honey Creek will recycle water, consultant says

A consultant in a planned subdivision has responded to concerns about a permit under review that would allow the discharge of treated sewage from the development upstream of Honey Creek, one of the most pristine waterways left in the Hill Country north of San Antonio. Once the plant is up and running, treated wastewater would only be discharged to Honey Creek during heavy rains, real estate consultant Kelly Leach said. That’s because the subdivision would use recycled wastewater to irrigate its lawns…

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Your Next Trip? It’s Written In The Stars

Your next trip? It’s written in the stars

Like watching the sunset, seeking out the Big Dipper in the night sky is a vacation ritual. But in the past five years, according to experts, the term astrotourism has evolved to describe more intentional travel to places with dark skies and more visible stars. “Astrotourism is any kind of tourism that involves the night sky or visiting facilities related to astronomy like observatories, and combining that with a broader sense of ecotourism where interaction with nature is what the visitor experience…

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A Spillover Of Growth? Boerne Cave Business Concerned Development Causing Caves To Flood

A spillover of growth? Boerne cave business concerned development causing caves to flood

The owner and general manager of Cascade Caverns, a cave touring business nestled at the end of a winding road east of I-10, say the caves have seen unusual flooding in recent months, and they're blaming a series of subdivisions being built nearby. Pamela Brauchle, the general manager at Cascade Caverns, captured video of a heavy flow of water into what’s called the Cascade Caverns Sink, an opening into the caves...Read more at KSAT

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