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More Than Twice The Size Of Texas

More than twice the size of Texas

To slow extinctions and climate change, President-elect Joe Biden has embraced a plan to conserve 30 percent of U.S. land and 30 percent of its ocean waters by 2030. It is perhaps the most ambitious commitment to conservation by a U.S. president. How he proceeds will determine whether he unites or further divides Americans in a pivotal decade for the planet. The plan is known as “30 by 30.” Behind the catchy phrase is a simple, scientifically informed belief that…

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US Supreme Court Dismisses Texas Petition For Review In Pecos River Dispute

US Supreme Court dismisses Texas petition for review in Pecos River dispute

The Pecos river runs from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico through New Mexico and Texas and eventually into the Rio Grande River at the Texas-Mexico border near Del Rio, Texas.  In 1949, Texas and New Mexico signed the Pecos River Compact, and Congress ratified the Compact.  The Compact provides for the “equitable division and apportionment of the use of the waters of the Pecos River” with the intent to “remove causes of present and future…

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Environmental Groups Allege Texas Rubber-stamped Industrial Plants’ Pollution — And That The EPA Looked The Other Way

Environmental groups allege Texas rubber-stamped industrial plants’ pollution — and that the EPA looked the other way

A group of Texas environmental groups say the federal Environmental Protection Agency looked the other way when Texas didn’t require tough enough rules on air pollution for several refineries, gas plants and chemical plants. The Environmental Integrity Project, along with other Texas environmental groups, filed a lawsuit against EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Monday after he did not respond to a petition by the groups to correct what they say is a violation of federal law in Texas. Read more…

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Bandera Canyonlands Alliance Launches Public Awareness Campaign

Bandera Canyonlands Alliance launches public awareness campaign

The Bandera Canyonlands Alliance (BCA) is urging local residents in Bandera and Uvalde counties to be aware of a precedent-setting permit application that would put pristine area waterways at risk. The Colorado-based Young Life organization is asking the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for permission to build a sewage treatment plant and release up to 60,000 gallons of treated wastewater each day into creeks and the Sabinal River in Bandera County. The wastewater would be discharged into an unnamed…

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Opinion: Charity, Not Profiteering

Opinion: Charity, Not Profiteering

The Texas landscape is changing, and not always for the better. Increasing population and expanding development are destroying native habitat, reducing access to clean and plentiful water, and threatening agricultural production. Between 1997 and 2017, over 2.2 million acres of Texas natural land were lost. In light of this trend, many landowners across Texas recognize the importance of protecting the lands under their care. They are reaching out to land trusts such as Texas Land Conservancy and using conservation easements…

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Cedar Park To Continue Looking At Lime Creek Quarry Redevelopment With End Of Mining Plan

Cedar Park to continue looking at Lime Creek Quarry redevelopment with end of mining plan

In the next step of the redevelopment of Lime Creek Quarry, Cedar Park has authorized a resolution for an end of mining plan. The quarry is operated by Ranger Excavating, whose operation lease ends June 30, 2023. Blasting at the site will end in 2021, Assistant City Manager Chris Copple said, but extraction will continue through 2022. Read more from Taylor Girtman with Community Impact News here. 

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Midlothian Cement Pollution Plan Is Moving Forward, But Residents Are Not Stepping Back

Midlothian cement pollution plan is moving forward, but residents are not stepping back

Midlothian cement pollution plan is moving forward, but residents are not stepping back As letters from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality arrived at Midlothian homes in early November, Laura Hunt’s emotions ranged from anger and disappointment to denial and, finally, relief. Hunt has spent more than a year fighting a permit request filed by cement manufacturer Holcim US Inc. as co-founder of Midlothian Breathe, a group of residents concerned about the impact of cement plant emissions on public health.…

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Concrete And Aggregate Producers See Regulatory Bills Filed For 2021

Concrete and aggregate producers see regulatory bills filed for 2021

Concrete and aggregate producers see regulatory bills filed for 2021 The production and transportation of sand, cement, and concrete is a dusty business that has faced increased scrutiny from the state and advocacy groups in recent years. Some state lawmakers have even seen the need to introduce bills for the upcoming legislative session that would regulate the industry. So far, six bills have been filed for the 2021 legislative session, which convenes Jan. 12, that directly target concrete plants or…

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Flood group designates planning sponsor

Flood group designates planning sponsor It’s been an open secret for decades, but the devastating floods of 2015 drove the point home — any meaningful flood resiliency can be achieved only with regional cooperation. Steps are now being taken to make that a reality. The Region 11 Guadalupe Flood Planning Group, which had its inaugural meeting in November 2019, has designate the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority as its planning group sponsor. Read more from Anita Miller with Hays Free Press…

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How Texas Is Changing How It Plans For Floods

How Texas is changing how it plans for floods

How Texas is changing how it plans for floods Just as the state is dealing with one crisis, it's also preparing for the next. But this time, it's trying to get ahead of the problem. We all remember Hurricane Harvey's devastating impact on the Gulf Coast in 2017. That's triggered an unprecedented effort to prevent the same damage from happening again. Read more from Karina Kling with Spectrum News here.

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