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Director’s Notes – July 2021: Join As A Sustaining Neighbor And Receive A Special Gift!

Director’s Notes – July 2021: Join as a Sustaining Neighbor and Receive a Special Gift!

Dear Hill Country Neighbors, It finally feels like we’re reaching the light at the end of a long tunnel. Summer in the Hill Country, particularly when fueled by abundant spring rains, is a season for slowing down—appreciating the shade of an ancient oak tree, the cold waters of a spring-fed creek, or the sweet taste of a Hill Country peach. And as we return to a new form of normal, we’re increasingly reconnecting in person with the neighbors, partners, landowners and friends we’ve missed…

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Director’s Notes – June 2021: Introducing The Newest Additions To The HCA Team

Director’s Notes – June 2021: Introducing the newest additions to the HCA team

Dear Hill Country Neighbors, Our people make our work possible. From paid staff to local volunteers, board members, and partners across the region, it is the people of the Hill Country that inspire our most creative solutions. In that vein, it is with great pride and excitement that I write today to introduce you to the newest members of the HCA team. As you can see from the brief bios below, we are incredibly fortunate to be adding technical expertise…

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Director’s Notes – April 2020: Community Resilience

Director’s Notes – April 2020: Community resilience

Dear Hill Country Neighbors,  If there is one thing that the past several weeks have taught us, it is the power and importance of resiliency. Whether we’re talking about our region’s ability to weather cycles of drought and intense rain, or our ability to adapt to an ever-changing economic and health situation, resiliency is the key to moving through adversity.   A great strength of our region exists in the ties that bind each of us and our communities together. While…

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Director’s Notes – March 2020: HCA In The Era Of Coronavirus

Director’s Notes – March 2020: HCA in the era of Coronavirus

Dear Hill Country Neighbors, It’s hard to start a letter addressing the unprecedented reality we find ourselves in. The Covid-19 outbreak has shown us just how critical our Hill Country community is to the work of the Hill Country Alliance. There is no replacement for the riparian management workshops, landowner potlucks, Hill Country Living Festival, star parties, Texas Water Symposia and myriad other team meetings, community gatherings, and in-person conversations that HCA is a part of every single day. While…

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June Director’s Notes: Hill Country Conservation Gets A National Spotlight

June Director’s Notes: Hill Country Conservation gets a national spotlight

In this month’s notes, we wanted to highlight how HCA and our partners have been working to elevate the profile of conservation in the Hill Country to a national level. Partnering with individual landowners, city and county governments, academic institutions and conservation organizations, we are proving that great conservation successes can be achieved through collaboration. I’m very excited to share two new developments that recognize and showcase the value of our collaboration… (click to read more)

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May Director’s Notes: Get To Know Ted Flato

May Director’s Notes: Get to Know Ted Flato

Dear Hill Country Neighbors, Spring is the time for neighbors to reach across fence lines, celebrate the good rains we’ve been enjoying, and get together to speak with a common voice for the Hill Country. From the Pedernales Potluck (a bi-annual landowner gathering that HCA organizes for landowners in the basin) to the Headwaters Alliance (a landowner gathering with a focus on keeping the springs and rivers of the Hill Country flowing) and the TREAD Coalition (a new initiative focused…

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January Director’s Notes: A Letter From HCA’s New Board President, Matt Lara

January Director’s Notes: A Letter from HCA’s New Board President, Matt Lara

Thank you to board members past and present, friends, and supporters who joined us to toast the New Year in San Antonio! Dear Hill Country Neighbors,  It is a privilege to serve as the new Board President of the Hill Country Alliance (HCA) and to work with my fellow board members on the common commitment of preserving open spaces, water supply, water quality, and the unique character of the Texas Hill Country. I first became involved with HCA in 2013…

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November Director’s Notes: Giving Thanks

November Director’s Notes: Giving Thanks

November marks a time to give thanks, and to take the opportunity to step back from the many demands of our daily lives to reflect on all we have to be grateful for. It is also a great time to recognize our growing family within the Hill Country community. It seems that every day there is a new challenge to be met in our region—a new proposed quarry, concrete batch plant, wastewater discharge permit or industrial operation that threatens our…

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October Director’s Notes: FESTIVAL, Rainwater Raffle And More!

October Director’s Notes: FESTIVAL, Rainwater Raffle and more!

The recent rains that have fallen across the Hill Country have me looking forward to HCA’s Hill Country Living + Rainwater Revival FESTIVAL, which is right around the corner! One of the things that I am most proud of at the Hill Country Alliance is the work we do to bring events to our region that are FUN, educational, and FREE to the public. The FESTIVAL is just that—it will be a full day of learning from 100+ vendors, exhibitors…

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