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2024 Solar Eclipse: Joyful Learning Guide

The Joyful Learning Collaborative – convened by Thinkery – released a new 2024 Solar Eclipse Guide for STEAM eclipse space activities available now, in English and Spanish! This guide is intended for educators working with kids age 3-11 at formal and informal learning environments, excited to share knowledge about the solar eclipse in April.
“Whether you’re a budding astronomer or someone who gazes at the night sky with wonder, this guide promises to be your celestial companion, igniting your passion for the universe.”

Eclipse Lunch and Learn Series

Planning for one solar eclipse is a challenge. Preparing for two back-to-back solar eclipses requires information, organization, and communication beyond the quarterly Hill Country Eclipse Round Table Meetings. To further support our partners and communities, HCA convenes bi-weekly lunch and learn sessions to discuss niche topics specific to eclipse readiness. For more information and to register for the series, click here.

Eclipse Roundtable Series

Since 2020, HCA has convened quarterly round table meetings of task forces across the Hill Country to update one another on preparations, coordinate activities, and resources where practical, and hear from professionals around the country who have experience with eclipse preparations. To learn more and join future Round Table meetings email

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